Our Approach: One size does not fit all

Our portfolio management team works with your organization to understand your investment objectives and optimize short termcash, while focusing on preserving capital and liquidity needs.

Preserve + protect principal

Provide liquidity

Generate reliable income

These portfolios are comprised of money market instruments and short-term securities including United States Treasuries, Agencies, high-grade corporate and municipal obligations.

We serve a wide array of institutions, ranging from municipalities and government agencies to businesses, foundations and endowments. We seek to help organizations optimize their short-term cash resources and increase their ability to meet short-term investment objectives without compromising capital preservation and liquidity requirements.


Our portfolio managers bring extensive working experience in the fixed-income and capital markets and meet regularly to assess the economic climate and market environment, including the interest rate outlook.

At our initial meeting with a client, we seek to determine:

Liquidity needs

Return objectives

Time horizons

Risk tolerance / Credit quality

Other specific considerations


Investment strategies typically reflect the client’s required liquidity needs, and portfolios are constructed in layers to enhance yield.

Our team monitors:

Domestic + Global Economic Events
Interest Rate Risk + Duration Risk

The yield curve + sector yield spread
to help determine the appropriate security to be bought or sold


We believe that taking a layered approach to managing short-term cash resources can increase an organization’s effectiveness in meeting its short-term investment goals without compromising capital preservation and liquidity objectives.


We take a close look at factors including

Credit Ratings

Portfolio Duration

Industry Sectors

Our team customizes each client’s investment policy to take specific cash flow and liquidity needs into consideration.

We provide each client with a high level of customized service as well as comprehensive reporting that includes reconciliation, amortization, interest accruals and performance by security.

Our Team

Scott Burnett

Senior Vice President, Director
Fixed-Income Strategies

Peter Kelson

Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager

Bruce Snow

Associate Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager

Blake Bihm

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Contact Us

For more information, or to meet with one of our portfolio managers, please call 800.608.3202 or e-mail ilm@zionsbank.com.

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